Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments



The goal of the strategy-driven CEDS is designed to build capacity, guide economic prosperity, and resiliency of a region. It is a key component in establishing and maintaining a robust economic ecosystem by helping to build regional capacity that contributes to individuals, organizations, local governments, institutes of learning, and private industry success.


The 2020-2025 CEDS was created through research of the SWNMCOG staff, 12 virtual public meetings, 11 of which were actual working meeting with key stakeholders and the public and one meeting that to receive overall public input about the final draft document. The SWNMCOG also hired CE Labs to conduct a regional workforce and industry needs assessment to help guide the economic development framework of the CEDS.


The 2020-2025 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies has two parts. Part I integrates economic development and transportation planning allowing the region to plan for workforce and transportation challenges and opportunities. Part II has goals and strategies, resiliency, and aligns with the New Mexico statewide CEDS through eight common industry sectors of Agriculture and Local Foods; Arts, Film and Entertainment; Energy; Health and Social Services; Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation; Manufacturing and Logistics, Natural Resources and Mining,; and Small Business and Entrepreneurship.


Part I

Part II

2020-2025 CEDS