Grant County is the state’s westernmost county and is home to many historical landmarks



Grant County has a total of 3,968 square miles within its county limits. The county has a predominantly rural residential land use pattern outside the municipalities of Silver City, Bayard, Hurley, and Santa Clara. The US-180 East corridor has established itself as the most important strip commercial corridor in the region. The NM-90 highway corridor serves as a secondary commercial area, with Highway 180-West also playing a minor role.

The primary industrial use in the county has historically been associated with mining, and is primarily located in or near the municipalities of the mining district. Farming and ranching communities also encompass the county.

Population:  26,388
Number of Households:  11,496
Median Household Income:  $37,453
Average Age:  53.8
Zip Codes:  88022, 88023, 88025, 88026, 88028, 88034, 88040, 88041, 88043, 88049, 88051, 88053, 88055, 88061, 88062, 88065