Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments


SWNMCOG Regional Documents

2021-2026 CEDS

Broadband Plan

Green Energy and Jobs Plan

2017 New Mexico Statewide CEDS

2020 Statistical Abstract 

Member Documents

Catron County

Catron County 2007 Comprehensive Plan

Grant County

Grant County 2017 Comprehensive Plan

Grant County Senior Assessment

Hidalgo County

Hidalgo County 2011 Comprehensive Plan

Luna County

Luna County 2012 Comprehensive Plan

City of Bayard

City of Bayard 2012 Comprehensive Plan

Village of Columbus

City of Deming

City of Deming 2017 Comprehensive Plan

Town of Hurley

City of Lordsburg

City of Lordsburg 2011 Comprehensive Plan

Village of Reserve

Village of Santa Clara

Village of Santa Clara 2013 Comprehensive Plan

Town of Silver City

Town of Silver City 2017 Comprehensive Plan

2018 Local Foods Local Places

Village of Virden

Village of Virden 

2009 Comprehensive