Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments

Community Development

Capital Outlay Planning

Capital Outlay Process

1. Local Government ICIP Submission

2. Legislative Finance Committee Hearing

3. Executive Capital Outlay Recommendations

4. Legislative Session

5. Capital Outlay Bill Review/EO 2016-006

6.‚Äč Governor Bill Signing Period

7. State Board of Finance Certification/Bond Sale

8. Capital Projects Monitoring System (CPMS)

9. SHARE Budget

10. Grant Agreement 


What is ICIP?

An Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (ICIP) is a state-coordinated process that encourages governmental entities to plan for capital improvement projects over a five-year period and requires public input to prioritize sustainable projects and help alleviate emergency situations.

What is the process for ICIP?

During the planning process, government entities review existing plans and inventory to help determine infrastructure and capital needs or updates. Then government entities hold public input meetings to prioritize projects. Then local governments will pass a resolution approving the plan and submit it to the New Mexico Department of Finance & Administration, Local Government Division.

What is the SWNMCOG's role in ICIP?

SWNMCOG provides assistance to all members with the development of ICIP by sponsoring an annual ICIP training and  technical assistance through guiding government entities to establish the top five priorities. SWNMCOG is available to present information about the overall ICIP planning process.

Contact Priscilla Lucero for any questions about ICIP at (575) 956-1293 or [email protected]