Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments

Community Development

Grant Writing and Administration

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) provides funding to the Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments and relies on the SWNMCOG to be their "eyes and ears" in southwestern New Mexico. Therefore, EDA wants all grant proposals to have the SWNMCOG input which EDA Region V will ask all applicants if they have worked with their COG District before accepting an application.

For those local governments, non profits, and universities interested in applying for a grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA), it is suggested that a meeting is arranged with the Council of Governments staff concerning your proposal. The staff can explain the application process, determine whether the project meets EDA requirements, but most importantly help to communicate ideas, questions, and concerns with EDA before a full application is filled out.

The SWNMCOG staff looks forward to collaborating with all potential EDA applicants by assisting in putting the best possible application forward.

Clearinghouse Process

Any applicants applying for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funding are required to request a letter of recommendation/support of the grant application; then of which five of the seven New Mexico Councils of Governments/Economic Development District much provide back to EPA for review at the time of the application submission. 

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